re: Should people only be allowed to play their real-life identify?
Posted by: EvFoDr 04:52 pm EDT 10/05/19
In reply to: re: Should people only be allowed to play their real-life identify? - Chromolume 04:14 pm EDT 10/05/19

Why is this so different from the conversation about giving actors of certain races/heritage/ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to tell THEIR own stories? For example in the upcoming City Center production of Evita they have oviously taken care to cast actors who appear to have some sort of Latin heritage. Can you imagine the outcry if they cast a bunch of white actors? They did in the original but that was a different time and things have evolved.

It's tricky. I am not saying their should be a mandate to cast only gay actors in gay parts, and certinaly gay actors have had and would like the opporunity to play straight parts. But there is something wonderful in making the choice to uplift a minority group, as was the case in the casting of The Boys in the Band revival. I think it's worthy of pondering. I like a combination of casting the best actor for the part AND making a choice to give opporunities to those who have not always been able to tell their own story.

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