Time for revival of Mastergate
Posted by: peter3053 05:12 pm EDT 10/06/19

"Mastergate" is a brilliant Larry Gelbart satire written in the wake of the Contra-gate / Iran-gate scandal of the 1980s.

It is framed as a senate inquiry into "What the president knew, and does he have any idea that he knew it?" In it Major "Manley Battle" is responsible for using a film company to cover covert operations overseas while supposedly filming "Tet: The Movie". Cover-up after cover-up is hilariously revealed.

It is about "the so-called truth." ("Fake news" is nothing new.)

As one character called to the inquiry says, "The truth will have to wait until after I finish testifying."

Everyone plays it straight, so everyone is skewered.

It's a wonder no producer has thought to rush it back to Broadway.

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