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I saw the Saturday (10/4) matinee. I found the opening scene insufferable (the too on-the-nose, nothing-new-here Trump blasting feels as tired and tonally off -- this historic week -- as it inevitably must). Even the actors seemed to be trapped in a pilot CBS didn't pick up. And then the play takes a breath, settles down, and uncovers dangerous nooks and crannies in a man's life that we couldn't have anticipated. No spoilers, but despite the predictable architecture of the plotting, the story manages to uncover daring surprises, moments that could devolve into sentimentality that find unexpected power in characters' voicing genuine, recognizable self-awareness. A major showdown quite late in act 2 is built on a series of reversals that toy with audience expectation -- the turn toward easy redemption sidestepped by a dramatist who refuses to give anyone an off ramp. As someone posted here earlier in the run, the play has a cumulative power, finding real depth as it progresses. Yes, there's too much of everything. Too many jokes, too much banter. Even too much "Barry Lyndon." Maybe Letts' plan is to disarm us with the sitcom access and then burrow deep beyond any pretense of romcom. I was startled by the play's refusal to offer unearned resolution.

And Ian Barford is remarkable.

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