It wasn't because it was anti-{POTUS X}
Posted by: Delvino 08:08 am EDT 10/07/19
In reply to: re: LINDA VISTA Yesterday (Possible Spoiler) - summertheater 11:03 pm EDT 10/06/19

I'm trying to eschew political content here, but just want to say: I have no problem with brutal critique of this official. The material would've been tirsesome and familiar in 2016. Now, in the dark autumn of 2019, the tirade against the intellect of his voters feels like moldly bread, and beneath the gifts of Letts. On a moving day, any number of issues could set this character off on a sociopolitical rant. What the opening lacks is something new to say that makes us lean forward in our seats. Instead, we get stuff that was dated when written in the "Will and Grace" reboot two years ago. It damaged this multi-dimensional character, because he later has more complex responses to just about every other cultural trigger. By the emotionally devastating end, my dim memory of the first scene suggested: the launch felt like a different play by a lesser author. This piece has truly fascinating places to go. I wish it didn't begin so bluntly, with such a ... what's the word ... corny set of stale observations. They aren't especially funny in any year, due to their lack of freshness, not the man they're (appropriately IMO) skewering

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