re: sounds like a nightmare
Posted by: mattyp4 11:47 am EDT 10/07/19
In reply to: sounds like a nightmare - dramedy 11:25 am EDT 10/07/19

I agree. Interesting idea but no way would I want to sit in a seat at the Belasco for 3.5 hours (or any Broadway house, for that matter). I would hope they include an intermission but even that won't make it worth it to me.

I saw a screening of Aliens at Town Hall once. At 2 hours & 17 minutes that was a very bad idea. Besides the fact that the seats were uncomfortable, the screen itself was puny & inadequate. I can see them erecting something more state-of-the-art at the Belasco, but unless they replace all the chairs with recliners, I'm out. :P

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