Lightning Thief - loved it off-Broadway & strongly hated it on Broadway
Posted by: summertheater 11:13 pm EDT 10/08/19

How could they totally ruin this show?

Off-Broadway, it ran just over 90 minutes no intermission at the Lortel. It was fast-paced, high-energy, with great singing and a talented cast. Felt exhilarated throughout the entire show and really enjoyed myself. I highly recommended the off-Broadway show.

When I saw it on Broadway recently, it ran 2 hours 20 minutes and the life was sucked out of it. Found my eyes closed for a good portion of it both in the 1st and 2nd act. Why was it necessary to expand the show by adding dreadful amateurish material? To sell a couple of drinks at intermission? The set design looked like a bad high school play, it was so plain and ugly. Painful lights blinding the audience throughout most of the show, I had to close my eyes a lot. Many in the cast (with the exception of the lead) were extremely poor actors. Perhaps they want to go back to acting school. Row upon row upon row cleared out after intermission and it was extremely noticeable how many people left after intermission. Very poor feedback. And yet there were lots of little girls at the stage door. I guess who this show is geared towards. Problem is, with the very poor grosses and very poor average paid price, can this show stay open even a couple more weeks? To be fair, the Donna Summer song in Act II was a good song, and a few of the songs by the lead were good (but those were holdovers from the original off-Broadway run).

What can they do? Go back to the original cast and go back to the original 90 minute format. Fire the person who expanded the show to 2 acts, and fire the cast who wasn't in the off-Broadway production. Keep the lead guy. If it ain't broke with the 90 minute format, why try to "fix" it (and in essence, totally ruin the show)?

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