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Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 10:45 am EDT 10/09/19
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Actually, this film could be a perfect source material for adaptation. If the creative team takes the basic idea and gives it a massive rethink and rewrite, this could be something. One lead would be a terrific role for a starry diva name and the other for an up-and-comer. If I were looking for a property to adapt as a musical, I wouldn't choose something critically acclaimed or beloved or super duper famous, because the show would just pale in comparison to people's memory of the source material. But, if you adapt material based on a solid idea that just didn't work for whatever reason, you can bring your own talent to it and really add something that makes that material work and tells the story in such a way that people don't even remember the middling-to-poor source.

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