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Posted by: dlevy 01:40 pm EDT 10/09/19
In reply to: is it good? - dramedy 12:50 pm EDT 10/09/19

I believe it's all new material. Some of it is at the level of classic FB, some of it not, but I'm sure they're still finessing it. Some of the material is about shows that have recently closed, including The Ferryman, School of Rock and The Prom. When I saw it, it felt like there were three opening numbers, which was two too many. And as is often the case with FB, the material is strongest when it's precisely aimed -- parodying a particular show or personality and not a vague idea of a trend or concept. The cast is excellent and, as the surest sign of how Broadway has changed since the early days of FB, includes not only performers of color but also a child.

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