"The Inheritance" on the page; the printed Young Vic/Faber & Faber text (NO SPOILERS)
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Having not seen the production, and not fully sold on investing in 7 hours, I ordered read the entire script, all 318 pages. Reading comments and some of the London reviews, I sense that my reaction is heresy. But I found Part Two infinitely more emotionally engaging, even if its denouement is attenuated. (Lopez seems to feel every sociopolitical annotation requires repeating; sometimes it feels as if he doesn't trust an audience to grasp a point the first or second time. The chorus/narrative underscores everything a bit too aggressively in places for my taste; subjective, admittedly.) The second half focuses more on Henry Wilcox, a fascinating character who's intricately tied to the thematic elements carried by the title. Maybe the banter-y start of the play, as much "Jeffrey" as "Angels," just feels slight or a tad familiar. These name, locale, and product-dropping Manhattanites are in every LGBTQ script since "Boys..." and as they quip and quip some more, we wait for something fresher. Once the piece reaches the much-discussed first half crescendo (NO SPOILERS), it begins to deepen. In the second half, the stakes are upped for everyone. And the only female character, also much talked about, on the page feels overwritten even if her story is touching and absolutely integral.

All of that aside, it's quite an impressive piece of work, by the end in no way disappointing; my comments are subjective quibbles.

I may do what few have done: see only Part II. I suspect no one else has anything close to this response -- starting appropriately with the first half is logical -- but if you've read the full text, certainly a single half is an option. I also can imagine Lois Smith almost running away with the play. I'm also intrigued to see what the wonderful, under-sung John Benjamin Hickey does with Wilcox.

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