Posted by: summertheater 02:18 pm EDT 10/10/19
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I believe this is an example of "fake news" that we have heard so much about. I would hardly call playing to 42% of Gross Potential, with an average ticket price of $58.90, to be successful.

By what statistical measure do they call this the "most talked about play of the year"? Did they monitor everyone's conversation all around the Theater District and in their offices and their living rooms?

Perhaps they think their numbers will magically increase over the lucrative holiday season. Perhaps they think tourists from all over will say "Oh no, I don't want to see Dear Evan Hansen" or "Moulin Rouge" or "Aint Too Proud". I just gotta see "Slave Play". I've been thinking about it every day, all day, every waking minute. I'm obsessed with it, I can't wait to see it, I'm talking about it with everyone I know every second of the day.

Why don't they extend another few years? Keep throwing money down the toilet.

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