Brantley makes "Linda Vista" a Critics Pick.
Posted by: Delvino 10:02 pm EDT 10/10/19

Good for Letts. I haven't stopped thinking about it since Saturday. Clearly, neither has Brantley.

"The play, you see, memorably includes several gut-wrenching occasions when Barford’s Wheeler flips his appealingly grouchy persona to reveal a black hole of ugly, flailing, desperate narcissism. As it ends, he is making a passive-aggressive pitch to yet another woman, to whom he has acted as a sort of white knight. And even with us knowing what we know, he remains as charming as ever.

I asked the woman with whom I saw the play if she thought Wheeler would make a conquest of this last character. “Oh, absolutely,” she responded. She sounded angry."
Link Tracy Letts, the author of “August: Osage County,” reinvents the midlife crisis play with a hilarity that scalds in this Steppenwolf production.

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