Soft Power (Spoilers and a note to the creative team)
Posted by: mikem 11:07 am EDT 10/11/19

Small note to the creative team: in the scene where Zoe sees DHH in the hospital bed, she says something like, "This country is going crazy. But you're up, and that's a good thing." But I heard, "This country is going crazy. But Europe, and that's a good thing." Which led me down a tangent about why is she going from talking about America and China to suddenly talking about Europe, before I realized what she meant. I assume that ambiguity was not intentional. The show's probably frozen at this point, but I thought I would mention it.

I found Soft Power to be really bold and interesting. Others said it was repetitive, but I think it's been substantially shortened. The California run was supposed to be 2 hours and 20 minutes, and it's listed on the Public site as 2:15, but it was barely two hours. The second act was only around 40 minutes, and I thought it ended abruptly, although I guess that once DHH wakes up, the story that the creators wanted to tell is over. I really liked the panel at the top of the second act. Some of the gun stuff is heavy-handed, but the satire of the panel is great.

I had seen Conrad Ricamora previously on stage, but he really shone here. Really wonderful singing voice, and very compelling presence. He has a standby who is not part of the ensemble, which seems odd given the talent in the ensemble, unless he has planned absences. Is How to Get Away with Murder (his TV show) still filming?

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