re: Soft Power in LA
Posted by: BillyG 01:03 pm EDT 10/11/19
In reply to: Soft Power (Spoilers and a note to the creative team) - mikem 11:07 am EDT 10/11/19

I saw SOFT POWER in LA twice and loved it!! I loved the concept, book score, but especially the performances of Conrad and Alyse Alan Louis. Is Alyse performing in NY? Her performance really stole the show.

We saw the show in LA over one year ago. It's amazing how long it took to get to NYC. I wonder if they spent time rewriting it.

Do you think the show still has relevance? Has it dated any? Though the 2016 election has passed and we're so focused on 2020, I think the issues today with China might make it more relevant than ever.

How are audiences reacting to it?

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