re: Linda Ronstadt in LA BOHEME
Posted by: TMGnyc 02:00 pm EDT 10/15/19
In reply to: Linda Ronstadt in LA BOHEME - BillyG 02:54 pm EDT 10/14/19

Odd story connected to Linda Ronstadt in La Boheme... Christmas time and I was an Elf at Macy's and a group of us were chosen to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade! We were slated to be with Linda in the Clydesdale horse carriage and were supposed to stop in front of Macy's for her to sing for 45 seconds. She was appearing in La Boheme at the time. Unfortunately, the morning of the parade Linda wasn't feeling well so we got a new country-western duo instead. We did not stop in front of Macy's, instead we went past the front and around the corner as quickly as we possibly could. Did Ms. Ronstadt ever miss any performances of La Boheme?

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