Not to sound argumentative...
Posted by: ShowGoer 01:41 pm EDT 10/16/19
In reply to: re: Mrs. Doubtfire to Open on Broadway Spring 2020 at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre - Ann 12:22 pm EDT 10/16/19

...or belabor the point, but are you saying that you think the funniest thing in either Tootsie or Mrs Doubtfire is just the mere -concept- of a man dressing up as a woman? or dressing up as a woman to find emloyment,? (in one case as an actor, and in the other case to be able to see his kids). As opposed to any of the specifics, or farcical complications, etc? Just curious.

I'm not criticizing, as that's certainly a position to take - maybe you think the concept was indeed the best part of all these iterations, and that it was done better in Some Like it Hot, or Charley's Aunt/Where's Charley? etc. But for me, the success or failure of these types of stories is all in the execution. And to my mind, the execution of the idea in Tootsie - both on screen and, in a completely rewritten guise, on stage - is far superior to the execution in the movie of Mrs. Doubtfire.

Which, I guess, circles me back to what the original poster seems to have been getting at (i.e., if Tootsie, with its strong reviews and several major Tony awards, including for Best Book, and based on a movie that's a stronger version of the same premise, is struggling at the box office, why should one be optimistic that a musical based on Doubtfire would fare better, either critically or financially?)

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