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Maybe I'm in the minority, but I didn't laugh very much while I was watching ''Tootsie.'' I do, however, think many people judge a book by its dialogue (rather than taking into consideration the show's structure and characterizations as well). Therefore, if a musical has funny lines, it gets more points for its book. I'm thinking of ''The Producers,'' ''Avenue Q,'' ''Spelling Bee,'' ''The Book of Mormon,'' etc.

Yes, Robert Horn made many changes from the 1982 movie, but for me, they proved problematic in their own ways. In the film, Michael is working on a TV soap opera. On Broadway, he's working on a musical. Seems like a logical change, but does that mean that Michael is so successful in his charade that NO ONE BACKSTAGE notices, including his dressers? Also in 1982, it was easier to accept ''Tootsie'' as simply a cross-dressing farce about a desperate actor. But in 2019, and against the backdrop of a ''Me, too'' environment, I find it hard to sympathize with Michael. What should Michael, as a straight guy, think he's entitled to, essentially, take away a role that could go to an actress equally deserving of employment?

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