"The Sound Inside" this afternoon (NO SPOILERS).
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The event: Parker, at the top of her game. It's a two-hander, but ultimately the evening is about one woman's impressions of the other character more than an objective account, and that singular access/prism limits our connection to the young man, adequately played by Hochman. In a large house for such a small canvas piece, Parker and Cromer -- carving playing space out of gathered shadows -- achieve extraordinary intimacy, As she charms us, Parker's character is determined to prove her own reliability as a narrator, and she is in masterful control. Rapp's script is a Rubik's cube, yet its surprises are not "twists" but payoff for the heart of the play: storytellers compelled to tell truthful ... enough ... stories because they have no choice. I liked, even admired the play, but felt curiously unmoved by turns (on in particular) and revelations that might wring tears in others. The response at the end on a rainy Wednesday afternoon was decidedly positive, if a bit muted.

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