Actors I'd rather see in these roles...
Posted by: GabbyGerard 02:05 am EDT 10/17/19
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Admittedly, I have not seen the current NY production--but its casting infuriates me. Groff is anything but a neb and his casting is a slap in the face to every actor who is right for Seymour and has been turned down for roles for which he has been deemed too fat or skinny or short or--yes, it's a word I still hear casting directors and agents use--ugly. I actually think Blanchard is a terrific actress, but she couldn't even meet the vocal demands of Louise in Gypsy. I do NOT want to hear her sing Audrey.

I completely agree that we have great actors for these roles and, for whatever reason, the gatekeepers have chosen not to use them in this off-Broadway revival. Truly off the top of my head, here are some actors I'd rather see in these roles:

AUDREY (whom, after seeing Ellen Greene at City Center, I believe can be played by a wide range of ages...as my list reflects)
Annaleigh Ashford
Anika Noni Rose
Taylor Louderman
Janet Dacal
Solea Pfeiffer
Emily Padgett
Phillipa Soo
Jane Krakowski
Sara Gettelfinger
Jenny Powers
Alice Ripley
Ali Stroker
Kate Rockwell
The Irene Molloy in the Dolly tour whose name is escaping me
Donna Marie Asbury
Bellamy Young
Alexandra Socha
Betsy Wolfe
Kate Shindle
Nancy Anderson

SEYMOUR (again, casting a wide-net in terms of ages, though I'm less sure it would work here)
Will Roland
George Salazar
Noah Galvin
Christopher Fitzgerald
Jeremy Morse
Matthew Brown
Adam Chanler-Berat
Daniel Breaker
Andy Grotelushen
John Cariani
Josh Gad
Rob McClure
Alex Brightman
Noah Robbins (TBH, I'm not sure he can sing, but Seymour's vocals aren't as important as Audrey's and he'd be hilarious)

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