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Holy Crap! Goosebumps!


The sound is terrible. I wonder if that was just on television or actually in the studio, because Greene's timing seems a bit off in the dialogue prior to the song. I wonder if that was because she either couldn't hear or was trying to calibrate for a lack of audience reaction.

I wonder if any of it made any sense out of context to a viewing audience completely unfamiliar with the material?

Was that really Greene's costume from the production? Because when she hit the line "...not nice ones like this," I was thinking that there's nothing terribly not nice about what she's wearing. Every production I've ever seen has gone for the joke of having her in something less than completely tasteful in this scene. Was that not a thing in that production?

WIlkof is not wearing eyeglasses, the international symbol for nerdy weakling. Did he not in the show? Again, I'm not sure I've ever seen a production without a bespeckled Seymour, if only so Audrey can pull the cliché move of removing them during "Suddenly Seymour." As a former glasses-wearer myself, I've always wanted to see a production where Audrey does this and it rapidly becomes obvious that Seymour can't see a thing without them, so she lovingly replaces them on his face to show that she loves the real him, glasses and all. Coming into yourself as a hero and declaring your love for the heroine does NOT fix astigmatism. Trust me.

I'm so glad to have seen Greene return to the part at City Center and am reminded of how thrilling it was, how little she'd aged in the intervening decades, and just how...perfect...she was as Audrey. Her entrance literally stopped the show. The fact that she was playing opposite a popular and handsome movie star mattered not one bit. No one present could look at anyone else on the stage. The love for her from the audience was so palpable that it's surprising that she never really had another big hit.

And I'm so glad that she was hired to do the film, something that I'm pretty sure somebody had to argue for at the time. Even with the new ending, the film gives us a tangible record of one of the most indelible and irreplaceable performances in musical theatre history.

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