"not nice ones like this"
Posted by: Chazwaza 02:24 pm EDT 10/17/19
In reply to: re: Little Shop 1983 - JereNYC 11:29 am EDT 10/17/19

That line did not work in the current production at Pasadena Playhouse (now famously starring MJ Rodriquez and George Salazar) ... she is wearing a perfectly lovely, normal and understated modern day outfit. It is, I think, representative of a lot of what is misdirected about this production, and disregards about the way it's written and intended (it does seem to be set in a modern day, I don't know why but it worked against the words, music and tone of how the show is written and works, making it not work in many respects now). This applies to the modern setting it's set in, the sets and costumes, the design of the plant, and the way the actors are directed -- a supremely talented cast working hard often in the wrong direction in a misdirected production.

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