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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 01:17 pm EDT 10/18/19
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"Four of us saw Linda Vista last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it's very early in the season, true. but Ian Barford would seem to be a lock for a Tony nomination for Best Actor in a Play, although since it's a limited run I'm not sure how that works for Tony voters who will not be in to see shows until the spring. I know there's history to this issue but I don't know what it is. "

The deal is that, in order to get Tony nominations,the producers must invite voters to see the show -- but that doesn't mean there is any specific number of voters required to actually see the show for it to be nominated.

"Be careful buying tickets as orchestra seats on the far sides of the theater, because of the design of the Helen Hayes, offer a partially obstructed view of whichever side of the stage on the side of the theater you're in, but thanks to the well designed rotating set, you won't miss much."

I wasn't seated at the side, but I was surprised at how high the deck is for this show at the Hayes. This was the first thing I noticed upon taking my seat, so much so that my plus-one and I commented on it. We were seated in the fifth row and I still felt like I was looking up at the performers, rather than straight ahead at them. (For what it's worth, for the most part I couldn't see their feet.) It seemed to me and my plus-one that the people in the first row or two would have a VERY bad viewing angle, so I would be wary of seats in that area, and I do wonder why the deck is SO high.

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