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Posted by: NewtonUK 02:00 pm EDT 10/18/19
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Because the Hayes was a TV studio for many years, they poured concrete, filling the small orchestra pit, and covering the stage floor. TV cameras love rolling silently on concrete. The normal stage floor of the Hayes was built on top of the concrete. So that a show using a truntable like LINDA VISTA has to build an additional dec up to contain the turntable mechanism. (I am still ruminating on all the 5 Star reviews and comments on this play. I see a LOT of theatre. Probably 250 plays a year at least, over the last, oh, 50 years or so. And I found the acting unconvincing, and the play - not to parse too narrowly - repugnant. Was there some charm or good side I was missing in this evening? Or are we supposed to watch a hideous man act out his late middle age fantasies? As if we need to revisit this territory - ever? On the odd occasion when my reaction is so far different from 95% of others that I read - I just wonder. ANd I went in a Letts fan ....

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