re: Linda Vista last night
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 04:15 pm EDT 10/18/19
In reply to: re: Linda Vista last night - JereNYC 02:45 pm EDT 10/18/19

"Considering that the height of the deck is an issue that will potentially arise over and over in this theatre, it surprises me that, as part of the recent renovation, that removing the concrete was not done. I mean, if you're already spending however many millions of dollars to renovate the building, why not also tackle something that will affect sightlines in what might otherwise be the most expensive seats in the house. It's lovely to change up the aesthetic elements, but I would have thought that something like this would be a much higher priority if money is limited."

Good question, and excellent points. Although, as per the other poster, apparently the problem is even worse than usual in this case because the deck needed to be raised even further due to the use of a revolve onstage.

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