more on the Mrs./Mr. Johnson issue in this production
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I keep thinking about how bad a choice it was. Because it really hurts any parallel of their story, how it started and what it became, with Clara and Fabrizio's. It fully fights the lyrics in Diving Day, the main set up of all this. "Dashing as the day we met, only somehow wearing a frightening disguise" "beautiful is what you are, only there is something I don't recognize". Etc.

And when she says she loves him, or that she misses him and then "I meant that" and he says "I assumed you meant it..." ... these moments don't have the same power or subtext because she seems to be talking to her angry rich father who is annoyed by her, not a man we see her falling for, who once maybe fell for her, and who is also struggling with the shell of a relationship they are now in.

I think really selling this part of show/story is essential to understanding that Margaret is not only afraid for Clara to "fall in love" and be swept away in it because of disability but because of what she has personally gone through in a marriage that also started with "falling in love" and culminated in a romantic experience in romantic Italy. And then this colors her minor little romance with Sr. Nacarelli differently, and wrongly, and weakens the subtexts of "Let's Walk", and then "Fable" certainly doesn't have the same dual-purpose impact coming from her if we don't fully feel what her personal journey has been outside of her fears and dreams for her daughter.

Again, perhaps the writing is weak in these aspects of the show, but it was clear and deeply felt for me in the original production.

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