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Clark was wonderful as Margaret and perhaps will never be quite equaled in the role, but I want to say that once she got a certain number of performances under her belt, Patti Cohenour was absolutely superb in it as well. Her performance perhaps did not build quite as thrillingly to the end, but there were some things that I even preferred a bit about her performance. Both were wonderful. I heard that Andreas on the tour could not find much comedy in the role, and that is important. Perhaps the size of the tour houses and the way that the physical production was not very successfully adapted for those houses (according to friends who saw it both at the Beaumont and on tour) worked against her.

Even though Katie Clark is not as good a singer as Kelli O'Hara, I preferred her in the role. O'Hara just seemed too perfect and poised. Katie Clark seemed much more believable to me as that character. Friends who saw Elena Shaddow as Clara (she played the first part of the tour) felt that she perhaps sang it best of all, but was not quite as believable as Clark. Of course, I know that the role was first played by Celia Keenan-Bolger, and that was also a case where some folks who saw her and later saw O'Hara felt that Keenan-Bolger was more believable in the role even if she didn't sing it as well.

I like Kelli O'Hara but I don't especially want to see her as Margaret. I think her beauty would work against her in the role, even as she gets older.

I never saw Burnham as Fabrizio, but I felt Lazar was a big improvement over Morrison, who was perfectly fine but more like a fine understudy in that particular role.

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