Posted by: sergius 04:45 pm EDT 10/20/19

It's good to see this singular work for the theatre again. Shange's language, which is straightforward but never plain, is the driving force of this passionate and outraged work. Here, unfortunately, too little attention is paid to rendering the speech clearly. The production is staged in the round, which doesn't suit the theater it's in, and so a lot is lost. In addition, there is so much movement of varying effectiveness that it, too, distracts from what's being said. FOR COLORED GIRLS... is, of course and famously, a "choreopoem," but it's principally the language that moves. Or it should be. Nonetheless, certain passages retain their strength--"Somebody Almost Walked Off With All of My Stuff," the Lady in Red's monologue--and are as defiant and shattering as they are meant to be. FOR COLORED GIRLS... still sings searingly which is both a glory and a sad reminder that the subjects and themes of these great "songs" are too often the same as they were 45 years ago. The fire next time is, regrettably, the same fire.

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