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I agree about the problems of the production as well as the effectiveness of Jayme Lawson's performance. I also enjoyed Okwui Okpokwasili as the Lady in Green and many of the other performances.

I did find the material a bit more problematic. The final gut-wrenching monologue felt a little too manipulative in this production and I wondered if it might feel that way in general now. There were debates surrounding FOR COLORED GIRLS in the years after it became embraced by the largely white nonprofit and academic theater establishment about the representation or misrepresentation of Black manhood. I can't remember who were the champions of the criticism of its depiction of black men but the finale made me remember the criticism.

I do think that Shange puts the monstrosity of the actions of the black man in the final monologue in a kind of context by making it clear he is a Vietnam veteran and veteran of who knows what trauma. Still, even though the play retains much of its power it also carries the layers of a number of cultural debates since its premiere and that complicates the play for me.

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