We at Talkin' Broadway have sad news to report: Mike Reynolds has passed away
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On behalf of everyone at Talkin' Broadway, I'm very sorry to have to announce the death of my co-worker and close friend, Michael T. Reynolds, at 67 years of age. Mike has been an important part of Talkin' Broadway for nearly its entire 23 years as a writer, editor, moderator, and co-owner.

Though this is an official announcement of the company, I'm signing my name, as it's a very personal announcement as well. Mike has been an important support system for me, as we rode this roller coaster ride together through the years. VJ, Mike and I each took different roles at Talkin' Broadway over the years, but Mike consistently got to the important core of any problem, personal or professional, and worked in a practical way toward a solution. I learned a lot from Mike, about theatre, writing, and life.

After thousands of emails and hundreds of phone calls, plus dozens of meetings in New York, my heart is broken to have to face the fact that he is gone. And I've already had 10 or so instances today when I thought, "I need to ask Mike about ..."

For anyone who would like to make a donation in his memory, I recommend the Dramatists Guild Foundation or Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Ann Miner


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