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I don't think The Art of the Possible and its musical chairs staging has aged all that well, not in just in this particular production. I wish there was a way to stage the movie version of The Lady's Got Potential as it tracks Peron's rise to power, and also fills in some gaps in Eva's rise as a performer. And none of the bug spray stuff from the concept album, which the show doesn't really need. However, I don't know how it would be done. In the movie the song is done as a complete voice over, essentially a montage of images set to music. None of the characters in the song actually sing. if they tried to cut back and forth between Peron's rise and Eva's rise on stage, it might steel thunder from Peron's Latest Flame, where the same back and forth would be repeated, but with aristocrats and soldiers.

However, I will gladly take Art of the Possible forever if they'd restore all the other unnecessary changes that have been to the show itself. I so miss Che's narration and the polo match dialogue during Buenos Aires--and it represents the crucial moment that Eva is first shunned by the aristocrats. And provides a much needed comic moment. I dislike the addition of You Must Love Me. And I REALLY dislike the way they have jumbled, added, and subtracted from the montage at the end. Why? It does't make the show any better. It's not as if this is some "broken" flop show that never worked the was it was originally written and is screaming for revision.

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