MCC's ambitions
Posted by: Pashacar 05:48 pm EST 11/25/19

Visited the new MCC space again this weekend for THE WRONG MAN. The show, as others have enumerated, is quite bad. But what really got me thinking is how thirsty the team producing it clearly is for a Broadway transfer against how weak the work is, again (i.e., the even-more-embarrassing Alice by Heart). There's the "broadway-bound" buzz they build before previews. The shape of the stage they've chosen for their new space. The pedigreed creative teams they keep bringing in, no matter how subpar the work.

And then I was struck by the irony of which off-Broadway nonprofit shows actually *did* transfer in the last couple seasons. Slave Play. Constitution. Oklahoma. And which had buzz but didn't. Strange Loop. The Jungle. Octet. Was leadership at NYTW, or St. Ann's, etc. selecting the piece they thought producers would take "all the way"? Or were they making the right artistic choices, and did they ultimately get some reward for that?

It reminds me a bit of when I was in Little League. Every time I *tried* to hit a home run, I'd swing so hard I'd toss my body around and completely miss the ball. But when I slowed down and just focused on making solid contact, I'd often get a solid single or double, and sometimes even hit that home run.

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