Don't miss THE MICHAELS - closes Dec 1
Posted by: schauspieler 05:58 pm EST 11/25/19

Thanks sergius for the reminder about this fantastic play. I loved THE APPLE FAMILY PLAYS but wasn't as enthusiastic about THE GABRIELS,.Though I usually see everything Nelson writes, i was going to skip this one. I mistakenly thought this play involved the same characters as the previous Rhinebeck-set plays, but no, it is merely set in the same town. These are new characters and new situations. In my opinion this is the best of these types of plays from Nelson. Possibly because it takes place in a single evening, it seemed more intense and self contained dramatically. In any case, it had me from the first few minutes and just kept going deeper. And I had no idea it was so steeped in modern dance, including wonderful performances by two young dancers. The acting, as has been the case with all these plays, is effortless-seeming and so real.

On the elevator coming down from LuEsther Hall, someone asked how the play was and when I said I thought it was the best of the Rhinebeck plays a woman in the elevator with us piped up with "I thought it was the worst" so your mileage etc...

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