re: MCC's ambitions
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 06:07 pm EST 11/25/19
In reply to: MCC's ambitions - Pashacar 05:48 pm EST 11/25/19

Commercial and artistic decisions often go hand-in-hand, because non-profits need the money and profile building that come with going to Broadway.

NYTW and St Ann's seem particularly skilled at sniffing out hits, which come in different shapes and sizes. To speak to your second list, "The Jungle" is returning to St Ann's for an encore run (which may also be a prelude to a commercial transfer); "Octet" had a healthy extension at Signature, which means they sold tickets at much higher prices than the regular run and got a lot of buzz; and word on the street is that "Strange Loop" may be returning at some point in the future. Don't forget that we're now in an era where a show can take many years to get from non-profit to Broadway.

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