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Thematically, The Art of the Possible added to the notion of the luck and chance that leads to power, found in Eva's Act Two song, "I was slap in the right place at the perfect time...filled a gap...I was lucky...."

In other words, Prince's staging questioned the propaganda of dictators who believe they were inevitable and therefore unquestionably worthy recipients of their position.

In the original staging, too, the circularity of movement in the Art of the Possible scene echoed the preceding scene in which Eva revolved on a door that was also a bed ("Goodnight and Thank You"), so there was both a thematic and a staging unity.

The cycle of power was a theme of the whole show - also seen in the structure, with Act One rising to a Peronist supremacy, then Act Two seeing Eva struck by cancer. Taken together, dictatorial power is seen to be shaky, in contrast to the propaganda such people use (and which was used in the show in banners and crowd-manipulation) to buttress their tyrannical position.

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