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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 12:41 pm EST 11/26/19
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I hear these arguments, but they're based somewhat on a fuzzy sense of history.

St Ann's has long had a nose for what kind of shows will make a big splash in the "downtown" theater community, and they regularly produce shows that become Events. They've long had a focus on high profile names or big, bold projects, and not just because of the new building (which, of course, they couldn't have built if they didn't have their eye on how to make money).

Works like "Brief Encounter" (which transferred to Broadway long before "Oklahoma!"),"Black Watch", and "A 24 Decade History of Popular Music" have been massive cultural hits and their time at St Ann's have bolstered their life-span over years-long international tours. And they have been savvy about working with prominent names in theater, music, and art to remain relevant to pop culture across many forms and genres.

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