Massive! MASSIVE!
Posted by: Quicheo 08:41 pm EST 11/26/19
In reply to: re: All three did come to San Fran. - Billhaven 04:16 pm EST 11/26/19

Are we, passionate theater goers/lovers, really expected to modulate our responses to a narrow window of agreed-upon, negotiated accuracy?

And are we to respond to each other only in well-reasoned, impeccably researched point-counterpoint?

I love the depth of knowledge and breadth of coverage people supply here.

And I love a good, enthusiastic, conversation-like banter between savvy folk.

Must we wet-blanket each other? Surely, no one who knows what Black Watch is would confuse Hamilton's cultural impact for that of the recent Oklahoma revival.

And the hypocrisy of this post of mine is, of course, self-evident: scolding people for scolding seem hardly a good example to set.

Back to the OP: I fully agree that there is quite an irony that the institutions fostering more artistic reaches seem to also be the ones most finding financial success. This is heartening!

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