Jonathan Groff's new song, 'Lost in the Woods,' is a real find in 'Frozen 2'
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It's so cool that ''Frozen 2'' features the lead vocal talents of a Tony winner (Idina Menzel) and two Tony nominees (Jonathan Groff & Josh Gad).

While Groff's character, Kristoff, didn't get a big solo in ''Frozen,'' Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez have given him one in ''Frozen 2.''

And it's a knockout. It's called ''Lost in the Woods.'' To me, it's their best new song, and Groff sounds like he had a blast singing this power ballad.

Wait'll you see it in the film. It's animated as if Kristoff were doing an 1980s music video (and he even gets backup vocals from reindeer!).
Link Jonathan Groff: 'Lost in the Woods' (lyric video, audio only)

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