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I'm glad someone agrees!

But, we don't agree on everything! I'm really not sure what these tragic flaws of the screenplay and direction are. I wouldn't defend the movie so firmly if I didn't think that they were both at least good enough for the majority of the movie. I can tell you that as a kid it worked perfectly to me, and in many ways with Annie that's all that matters. But I'm curious what you would describe these "tragic" and supposedly various flaws are.

Also, I definitely disagree about Finney. Look and acting-wise I think he nails it and is both hilarious and completely believable in every scene and what it requires of Warbucks. But his accent was never an issue to me, he sounds like a rich man with an indistinguishable origin in America. Also, since when is American capitalism something only exemplified by people with a clear and locatable "American" accent? Foreigners/immigrants and first generation Americans ARE the epitome of American capitalism, ESPECIALLY at the time the movie takes place. So I'm baffled that you think his accent fights him as a symbol of American capitalism, and even more than you think, I assume, that people wouldn't get that this billionaire who has no time for anything but business is the epitome of American capitalism. But again, let's not pretend this is some great work, it's not even based on a symbol-filled allegory like The Wizard of Oz where things need to clearly represent a certain thing clearly otherwise it won't all work on an intellectual level and the true point of the piece will be missed. This is Annie. It's about an poor orphan who is adopted by a cold billionaire and warms his heart. What is not coming through about that in the movie?

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