Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven
Posted by: stan 05:35 pm EST 11/29/19

This is a wonderful play -- and might even get better. At Wednesday night's performance the director told us that 3 scenes in Act 1 were altered and/or added on Tuesday night and for Wednesday 3 more changes were in act 2!! The writing is amazing. Many scenes are brilliant and a few still don't deliver, but this may be something special. My wife commented that it's like The Iceman Cometh -- a bunch of dead end characters -- each with a story to tell. The cast of 18 is mostly amazing. The setting is a Halfway House for women in right now NYC. There's the women assigned to the house, two children, a baby, an adult daughter, a custodian, a wayward priest, a social worker, and an administrator. Complications go on for 3 1/4 hours. I found it fascinating. Many jokes, violence, drug use, obscenities, nudity, and humanity. It gave an insight to the homeless people and violent people and outcasts one might shun on the streets and subways. I hope it all comes together.

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