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I apologize for the way it reads, that wasn't my intended tone.

I don't agree about the direction of the movie scene by scene... in fact I think the direction, especially for someone without musical experience, is rather good. (I am, to be fair, going off memory and watching clips today and yesterday, I haven't watched the movie in years) I'm not necessarily disagreeing about some of the larger choices you have issues with, but scene for scene I think the direction is quite good, for the scene and musical numbers.
I don't understand moving "Tomorrow", but now that I think about it, it's not like it doesn't work where they put it also, and it's definitely no more silly than the silly FDR scenes in the stage show. And... i must say I very much enjoy both "Dumb Dog" and "Sandy", so they surely felt the first act would overloaded if "Tomorrow" were there still... plus, they thought it worked where they moved it (and frankly having Annie sing her theme song to cheer up and encourage the president and Warbucks is the most Annie thing that could happen so I'm not sure what's wrong with that move), AND they likely wanted to save the song everyone is waiting for until later in the movie. So I guess I understand the move for many reasons and I don't actually have an issue with it.

I'd have to watch it again, but I'm sure you're right about the looking at camera stuff... I can't defend that but I will say I don't remember ever noticing or being bothered as a kid.

I don't think Miss Hannigan being dragged off stage is a good part of the stage show though... to me it just makes it all the more clear it is a broad family show meant for kids that would also be enjoyed by adults. I don't need to see my villains carted off in order to feel satisfied. I don't remember if I bought Hannigan's redemption in the movie, but assuming not that wouldn't be the first time I like a movie but not the way it ends.

As for Finney, yes we 100% do not agree on this. I don't get the point you're making, and stand by why. And I'll add that Brian Cox is no less a towering symbol of American capitalism in HBO's SUCCESSION because he is and sounds like a man of Scottish decent (but not with an actually Scottish or actually American accent). I'm not sure why Warbucks would need to have been born in America and have a clearly unwavering American accent in order to either represent American capitalism or to be convincing as it. But you obviously feel strongly about it. However I'll take is dynamic and funny and even weird performance over Victor Garber's in the TV movie any day (and I love Garber generally).

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