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Re: Tomorrow ... you're right and i don't disagree, but I was assert that I still don't think it ruined Annie, not for me. That way would be better, for sure, but you still get the character, just not with the layers that benefit the character and story and show. Granted.

Re: Hannigan's end. I don't think it's "wrong" or that it should be changed. But I do not think she needs to come off as a CARTOON villain. Comic and cartoon are not the same. And the show is the show. Just because no one has changed it (which isn't true for several other parts) does not mean that it's perfect. But it is the show that it is. If I were directing it I would not change the end, or add songs, etc. But Cats also ran for a long time, that doesn't mean there's nothing in it I wouldn't change in the writing if I could, and I know I'm not the only one regardless of how successful it is. Hannigan being dragged off with Rooster and Lily is the natural and obvious end to that part of the story and that's fine. It doesn't make it an especially interesting ending, but it's not that kind of show.

Re: Finney/Warbucks. You can repeat it, sure. But I think you're wrong. I respect that you feel strongly but I still don't think you're right. And to compare it to Ebenezer really weakens the argument. In America, the richest man in NYC could be a man with an Ohio accent, CT, Texas or British. The only requirement for me is that he speak English. American capitalism, especially then, had nothing to do with being born in America or speaking with a specifically American accent, and neither is it necessary for a character to speak that way in order to represent American capitalism. This is NOT true of A Christmas Carol and Ebenezer. So no, I would not be convinced of a non-British accent in that specific role. But also, Finney does not speak in the movie with a British or Irish accent or anything else. He speaks in a mildly odd upper class something or other that I don't think many people, especially kids, would question or assume he is a foreigner because of. I know I didn't.
BUT A Christmas Carol could easily be (and possibly has been already) re-set in America with an Texas oil tycoon. And it would still very much work. Because when you get down to it the story is not about England and the specifics of the British class system. Similar situation with Annie.

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