THE UNDERLYING CHRIS Last Night (Possible Spoiler)
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A gentle existentialist fable where the main character is, effectively, all of us. Eno is a clever writer but sometimes his preoccupation with linguistic dexterity--Beckett and Albee are two of his notable influences--can distract. Here though he manages to tease playfully while sharply delineating what used to be called "the life of man." The play is neatly constructed and it demands a sort of rigorous attention without which it could be merely confusing or frustrating. I liked the neatness of its design and its humor, but it feints towards a depth and an emotional resonance that it doesn't quite achieve. Eno is always parked just outside of engagement; his plays privilege intellection over experience. Putting ideas above behavior keeps the audience at a distance. THE UNDERLYING CHRIS is appreciably skillful, but it isn't affecting enough.

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