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I think the fact that both films were written and directed by the same person is a BIG tie creatively. As you said, neither stray especially far from the source film in the stage adaptation, so it's not like either are true creation of Edna Walsh. These are stage versions of John Carney creations. And it's especially notable that he both directed and wrote the screenplay for both, showing how thoroughly his creative stamp would be on the stage adaptations, whether is tangibly involved in the adaptation process or theatrical staging or not.

So while I do agree it is fairly inaccurate to say the creative team behind Once on stage is the creative team behind Sing Street on stage, ESPECIALLY since both *musicals* have scores by entirely different people, I do get why they don't feel it's misleading since Sing Street the film did have the same creative behind it as Once the film did.
But this also speaks to how insanely devalued the songs are in the credit given to a movie musical. The songs in Once and Sing Street are exceptional and really bring the movies a new level. On the wiki pages the songwriters aren't even noted in the writing credits. Same for awards. Anyone adapting the script gets the nomination/win, but the composer/lyricists only have a chance at an award if one of their songs is nomination for or wins Best Song, which is a category not for a full score of songs but for 1 song and whatever songs from their musical are nominated will be competing against other songs from movies that are likely stand-alone songs not from a musical (or if the composer also wrote the film score music)... despite that a heavy percentage of the *words* in the screenplay of a musical are written by the lyricist, and those lyrics will be doing a LOT of heavy lifting for plot and character, even setting, and certainly for dialogue and emotion... and yet if it all works, the screenplay adapter gets the credit and award recognition.

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