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Posted by: Delvino 08:40 pm EST 11/30/19
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"Others have noted a weak third act and a deus ex machina in the epilogue. Perhaps those result from a nearly powerless protagonist?"


I did note that (below) but you raise a good point about the protagonist having too few tools in her toolbox. Her resiliency is an intellectual construct, and Hunter seems to find her heroic commitment to move on in and of itself sufficient to sustain our investment. But he sets his contrivances upon one another, and does her or her heroism no favors. As I noted, he didn't need an overhearing to create catharsis and resolution -- and how much better the story would be if final turns grew out of the protagonist's strengths and flaws rather than a twist borrowed from a melodrama. I was surprised such a savvy playwright would use such hoary convenience. His story is otherwise so true, because his people are; Hunter didn't need that machinery to force his ending.

Too bad, because Ivey and Donovan are the real deal: real people caught in the third act of a life with few options. That's really enough tragedy.

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