JAGGED LITTLE PILL Today (Possible Spoiler)
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JAGGED LITTLE PILL succeeds where most jukebox musicals fail: it manages to find a context in which the songs, by and large, make sense. Maybe the task was a little easier here since Morissette mostly wrote about women's experiences of hurt and, especially, outrage. This feminist perspective--and her bald emotionality--fit nicely into the four women's stories that are told here. The narratives are fairly broad stroke--this is a musical after all--and arguably overstuffed, but they're effective in the sort of blunt, jittery way Morrisette's music is. So kudos to Diablo Kody for pulling this off. And to Diane Paulus for finding a similar equivalent in her staging which skirrs forward--and at one point spectacularly backward--throughout. The show, which plays like a hybrid of NEXT TO NORMAL and AMERICAN IDIOT, is steeped in the kind of adolescent angst that, unless you're dissociative, will be familiar and hopefully poignant to you. None of us were above these feelings and many of us were likely steeped in them. Now on Broadway we can be expensively reminded of how we felt when the world was ours to change. Isn't it ironic indeed. Or not.

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