re: What show can they do?
Posted by: NewtonUK 02:38 pm EST 12/02/19
In reply to: 'Adding Machine' musical canceled: Students say minuses outweighed the pluses - WaymanWong 03:13 am EST 12/02/19

Lets see - CABARET and SOUND OF MUSIC both have Nazis - so does THE PRODUCERS. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF has anti semitism. SOUTH PACIFIC and THE KING AND I deal with some racially tough moments. Forget SPRING AWAKENING. ANYTHING GOES has gangsters who go pretty much unpunished. SIDE SHOW has freaks. RAGTIME deals with racism and anti semitism. Pretty uncomfortable.

Hmmm. JOSPEH AND THE AMAZING DREAMCOAT seems OK - but the non Christian students might take offense. Hmmm. Hmmmm. CAROUSEL has wife beating. CAMELOT features adultery. They could give a try to SOMETHING's AFOOT or HELLO, DOLLY! - tho the latter is basically about a gold-digger of the worst kind.


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