Capote's relevance in 2020.
Posted by: portenopete 08:38 pm EST 12/03/19
In reply to: It’s time for a Tru revival. - 5MinuteCall 04:30 pm EST 12/03/19

Almost thirty years on, does Capote still capture the public imagination the way that he did in his day and the years that followed?

In 1991 he was only seven years gone and for my generation and those above me (I'm 54) he was a hugely famous, constant presence in popular culture. He'd be on Carson, Douglas, Griffin and pop up in cameos and movies- I was thinking of him yesterday watching KNIVES OUT and remembering his turn in MURDER BY DEATH.

I am not sure that anyone under 50 has much sense of who he was and wouldn't be likely to spend $150 a ticket to be reminded.

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