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Posted by: NewtonUK 10:02 am EST 12/04/19
In reply to: Did The Inheritance need a star like Redgrave? - bobby2 12:37 am EST 12/04/19

Is that there performance schedule has 5 Performances of Part 1, and only 3 performances of Part 2 each week.

Wed mat Part 1
Wed eve Part 2
Thurs Part 1
Fri Part 1
Sat mat Part 1
Sat eve Part 2
Sun mat Part 1
Sune eve Part 2

So you are kind of pushed into seeing both the same day ...

If I had produced this, I would have perhaps done THIS schedule

Tues eve Part 1
Wed Eve Part 2
Thurs eve Part 1
Friday eve Part 2
Sat * Sunday, Parst 1 & 2 each day.

That way there are options to see the show on consecutive week nights, twice each week. At the moment, the only way to see Inheritance on 2 week nights would be to see Part 1 on Thursday or Friday night, and wait to the next Wednesday to see Part 2.
I think the unbalanced schedule may be a part of the issue here. Plus the two part thing at Broadway prices is a HUGE committment. As we know, the recent ANGELS revival did not do that well.

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