re: "The Inheritance" this afternoon.
Posted by: thirdancer 09:27 pm EST 12/04/19
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I am sorry to hear that the show is not selling well. I feared that and made the decision to catch it early in it's run. I am very glad I did, even traveling from Vieques, PR expressly to see it. I had read the script and was profoundly moved by it as it mirrored much that I experienced in NYC when I lived there in the 80's.
I think Daldrey and his cast brought to life what I found on the page. I was never bored!
I am surprised by the strong negative reaction it has received from some, especially on "the other board", but people are entitled to their opinions.
It is not a perfect work. But I think Lopez succeded, for me, in capturing the essence of the novel and translating it to modern terms.
Again, I would recommend it.

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