Who is Eric Glass? (SPOILERS)
Posted by: mikem 10:51 pm EST 12/04/19
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Text spoilers below for both parts

I saw The Inheritance last Wednesday. I think Soller is giving an excellent performance, but I found myself asking: Who is Eric Glass? We get long monologues from other characters, but I don't remember one from our principal protagonist, or at least not one that sheds light on his character. We hear what others think of him, but I found him to be a bit of a cipher.

He does two specific things that I felt warranted some illumination, but I didn't get any from Matthew Lopez. Perhaps someone here can help me understand these two areas better:
- Why does Eric, who has seemed to have a pretty "normal" approach towards dating/romance/etc, agree to marry Henry Wilcox when it seems that they haven't kissed or had any kind of romantic connection yet? Yes, I know that the equivalent character agrees to marry Henry Wilcox in Howards End without any prior romantic connection, but that was a completely different time period and circumstance where that wasn't that unusual. Here, it seems that Eric's response should be, "I think I like you, too, but shouldn't we go on a date first?" rather than saying he'll think about it (and then agreeing shortly afterwards).
(And for that matter, why does Henry want to get married when he was never married to his previous partner? I understand he wants a partner, but why does he want to be married specifically?)

- At the wedding, when Eric says that Toby is so awful that Toby's father killed himself when Toby was seven so his father could get away from him, and his mother drank herself to death for the same reason, that is one of the cruelest things that I've ever heard someone say. It was way out of proportion to Toby's alleged offense. And Toby had actually done nothing wrong to deserve that. (I realize that Eric thinks he brought Leo to the wedding to torment Henry, but the audience knows that is not true.) I understand that Eric might say that out of anger, but I was shocked that he did not apologize for it as soon as it came out of his mouth. There is no apology until much later. It also seemed completely out of character for Eric. Perhaps Lopez is trying to say that Eric's relationship with Wilcox is changing him for the worse, but if that was Lopez's intention, that was very muddled.

As for audience size, I think my mezz was even sparser than yours. I have more to say about some of the producers' choices in the Redgrave thread.

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