Put all these attractive young men in ads and give up the cherry tree.
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All pertinent points.

At the box office yesterday, a man in front of me insisted to two front row mezz seats, one for each part in January. It took him 20 minutes, and though I was impatient, picking up my TDF, I felt his pain. They make it damned hard to see the whole damn play in any form but their choice: on Wednesday or Saturday, when you can devote an entire 18 hours of your life to commutation, attendance, meals in between. This smacks of creating an elitist experience, and suggests that the show was presumed to be a monster "Angels" like hit. Elitism wasn't a concern when it was assumed everyone would clamor for seats.

It needs a Sunday matinee of Part 2 desperately.

It needs to come up with an ad campaign -- and I'll get heavily criticized for this -- that highlights all of these young men on the stage, sometimes semi-dressed. Stop showing us artsy footage of the skyline or a burning cherry tree leaf. Show us the sexuality, the erotic undertones in many sequences, the youth. Yes, it's about all of that, too. And why not make it look more fun, less ... good for you. The show is being "prescribed" to school us about history and legacy. It's a great big romantic effing story with wooing, seduction, regret, death.

Sell the story and characters, not the message.

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